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Sustainable Communities Worldwide
formerly known as Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG)
So now... You can change the world too.

Sustainable Communities Worldwide is a non-profit organization on a mission
to empower local leaders with asset-based solutions for self-sustainable communities.
building capacity, breaking dependency.

We've launched 2154 new businesses in 21 countries with 73% sustainability.
We've trained and badged 7568 disaster responders and launched 305 Local Centers for response in 41 countries. Here's why we're different.


Local asset-based solutions create freedom from outside resources. Communities can break the cycle of dependency by building local capacity.


Building capacity through local assets increases value and dignity. “I can take care of my family. I can do this.”


Local solutions to local problems promotes ownership and personal responsibility. People commit to what they help create.


No one knows the challenges and opportunities better than the local people. Local solutions are more sustainable.